Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Secret Addiction

Some members of my family have decided to let their secret addictions out of the closet so I've decided to join in. My secret addiction is books. I love to buy them, read them and touch them. I especially like to buy them which I guess doesn't count as a secret addiction because anyone who comes to my house can see how many books I have.

Sometimes I buy books just because they look nice. I am a sucker for presentation and if a book jacket as well as the descriptive blurb on the back catch my eye I am very likely to buy it sight unseen. I'll just walk through the bookstore and pick up books that look pretty for the pure pleasure of owning something pretty.

Sometimes I just like to walk through the book store and touch the books that are around on various tables and displays. This method is most used when it is the end of the month or close to the next payday and I have no money to feed my addiction to buy books. So I have to settle on walking aimlessly around my local Barnes and Noble or Borders touching books. Not quite the same thrill as buying a new book but it tides me over until my financial situation allows for a new book purchase.

I'm also addicted to bookmarks. I have probably 50 or so different bookmarks of all shapes, sizes, designs and personal meaning. My mom and dad have brought me back bookmarks from trips, I have received them from friends and I have bought quite a few myself as I have gotten older and able to splurge on myself for a new bookmark. (Speaking of which I haven't purchased a new one in a long time..I'll have to look into getting one soon.)

As this blog is about secret addictions I thought I would list a few of my others.

Other secret (or not so secret) addictions:

Peeps (Easter candy..Marshmallow and sugar YUMMY!)
Pens/Office Supplies
Plastic Totes from Target or Wal-mart (you know..to put stuff in because I am SUCH a pack rat)

I know there are more but I can't think of any at the moment. But that is my secret addiction..books! Speaking of..I need another book shelf.....

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