Friday, July 06, 2007

I have a great dad

As most of you know my Dad's mom, Grandma Kieffer, just recently moved back to Utah after living with us for nearly a year. It was hard and great to have Grandma here. It was also pretty hard on my mom as she did most of the care giving while Dad and I were at work. Last Monday, Dad and Mom took Grandma back to Utah and then came home this Monday from Utah.

On Thursday Dad told me he had purchased tickets for he and mom to go to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. He needed my help to pull off the surprise. The plan was that today Dad was going to take mom for a drive and when she began to get curious he was going to have her call me and I would tell her to look in the glove box which would have the tickets inside. So yesterday Dad took Mom to dinner so they would be gone when I arrived home from work. When I arrived home I packed Mom and outfit, PJ's and makeup. I was hoping that she wouldn't notice that her make up was gone. I put it in the bag with Dad's stuff and stowed the bag in my room. When Dad got home with Mom and after Mom had gone to their room we loaded the car for the morning and Dad would pack their medicine and their pillows etc in the morning.

This morning they ran some errands and started on their "drive". After stopping at one of Mom's favorite stores and Mom opening the trunk of the Mustang she called me. I told her to look in the glove box and when she did she started giggling. It was so cute. I think she was so surprised and my Dad really pulled that off. I hope they have a GREAT time tonight and tomorrow because they deserve it.

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Heather said...

Maybe they will watch Superman.