Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Sibling Fun

Along with my previous post I was thinking about my other sibling, Margaret and the things we would do to her when she was little. Margaret was the youngest and therefore usually the butt of every joke and our favorite to torment.

I remember one Christmas in particular. She had received the Barbie tent trailer along with every accessory known to man. I think it even had a BBQ grill. Margaret set everything up and then decided to leave and go see what her friend next door got for Christmas. While she was gone there was an "earthquake" in the living room. There were Barbie parts spread from here to kingdom come. It was pretty funny. But boy was she mad when she got home. Holy cow. We got in big trouble and we still laugh about it to this day.

Margaret was very often the "bad guy" when we would play. When we lived in Georgia we had this end table that was an octagon shape. It had a large door on the front and was the perfect "jail" for our 2 year old sister. We put a blanket in there so don't think that we didn't care about her comfort. I don't think we left her in there very long either. Anytime we caught her she had to go to jail. Then I would play this creepy song on the piano.

Siblings are fun.

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