Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Love Milk

Many of you are probably thinking that you love milk too. But do you really? How much milk could you drink? I can drink 1 gallon every other day. I don't know why I love it so much. Maybe its because I don't drink soda so its one of my more viable options besides water. I drink LOTS of water at work but when I'm at home milk is my preferred poison.

Poison? Did I really just say that? Milk is FAR from poison. Guilty pleasure? Absolutely!

I think I could live on milk.


Eliza said...

Oh to my Grandpa Lange, milk IS the deadly poison and he can give you an hour long lecture on it. Yikes.

I'm with you... bring on the gallons!

Frau Bailey said...

As your sister, I know what a freak you are about milk. You LOVE milk. We have to be tricky and buy milk at the right store and at the right time so it does not go bad. What family did you grow up in?? No one else in the family is able to consume as much milk as you. Oh well, you are just weird and that is what we love about you.