Thursday, December 06, 2007


I have been meaning to write about Thanksgiving for a little while now but life seems to get in the way when I don't want it to.
We flew out to Salt Lake City on Monday November 19th. It was late when we arrived at my uncles house where we would be staying for a few days. We watched Dancing with the Stars and then went to bed. I was exhausted from the plane ride and I was sick on top of that. The glands under my right jaw line were so painful it hurt to eat. Needless to say it wasn't what I had planned on for my vacation.
Tuesday, November 20th, we got up and went to breakfast at Village Inn which was so good. And we had pie. It was great. I went to the ZCoil store to buy a new pair of shoes and have my current pair fixed. The guy in SLC was so much better than the guy here in Atlanta. He rocked. We went to Bountiful and ate lunch at Robintinos. Yum. I miss that place and I especially miss their garlic bread. Sigh. We went to see my Grandma who is in an assisted living home in Bountiful called The Welcome Home. It is very nice and doesn't seem like your typical assisted living home. We spent a few hours there and then went to my Uncles Bob's for dinner with his wife, Aunt Carol, and my other uncle on my mom's side, Uncle Fred. It was nice to see them again but I was still feeling sick.
Wednesday, November 21st, I went up to visit one of my very best friends who now lives in Idaho. Her husband happens to be a doctor so he was kind enough to see me and write me a prescription for some lovely antibiotics and a cough med so I could sleep at night. It was great to see someone and not have to answer fifty million questions about my health. Great. We then went to the small town drug store to get my prescription filled. It was like Wal-Mart but everything was crammed into a very small space. I was glad that I got to get some meds so I would feel better.
Thursday, Thanksgiving November 22nd, we drove up to Twin Falls with my brother who had just flown in from KCMO! I was still not feeling so hot but a little better than I was the previous day. We went to my sisters MIL house for dinner and it was good eating. It was so nice of her and her husband to invite us to their home. Then I fell asleep on their couch for a little while since I wasn't feeling so hot. Later that night we drove up to my sisters house in Boise, ID. We stayed with her FIL and he and his wife were so great and kind to us. I had a great time staying with them.
Black Friday, November 23rd, we went shopping most of the day. I think by the end of the day my Dad, BIL and my brother were tired of shopping. That night we watched the Boise State vs. Hawaii game because my sister and BIL are BIG fans of Boise state. We ate pizza and had a great time.
Saturday, November 24th, we helped my sister and my BIL move into their new house they had just purchased. They had been renting a smaller house a few blocks away but wanted to have a place of their own. They couldn't move in before we got there because they were waiting on flooring to be installed. I don't think I was much help but I managed to do some work. I was really sad that we were going to leave the next day to go back to SLC and then back to Atlanta on Monday. It was nice to be able to help my sister with something like moving. We don't get to do those kinds of things for her very often so I enjoyed doing that for her. I can't wait to go and see her again and see her house all organized the way she wants it.
Sunday, November 25th, we drove from Boise back to SLC for our flight on Monday. On our way back to my uncles house we dropped by to see Grandma again. She is cute and I am glad that I got to see her while I was there. She is an awesome Grandma and I miss her now that she doesn't live with us or near us anymore.
Monday, November 26th, we flew back home to Atlanta. Poor Dad was sick the whole flight and wasn't doing much better when we landed. He ended up having an intestinal infection and needing antibiotics. Poor dad.
Well, that's what I did for my Thanksgiving vacation. It was great to be with most of my family but I missed my other sister but I'll see her in January!


Frau Bailey said...

What a great trip!!! I am glad that you had a nice time, but I am sad that you were sick. Do you want to come to KC and help me do something? I have floors to clean and windows to wash.
I love how much you love our family! You are awesome.

Heather said...

I'm glad you had a fun holiday!

I haven't been to a Village Inn since my days in Nebraska. Sheesh!! I'd totally forgotten about those.

Hope you get to feeling better. I, on the other hand, still feel like ass.