Thursday, January 03, 2008

Time Machine: A Disclaimer

To everyone who went to high school with me:

I am going to post things from my yearbook. I just thought I should warn you before I do so. I will embarrass anyone and everyone. I do not care if we were friends in high school or just merely passing each other before or after class. Everyone is fair game as I glean for funny and/or weird things to post about.

I will not take a moment and think about how you might feel about what I am about to post 15! years later and 2000 miles away. If its funny or amusing or makes me smile in any way its going to get posted one way or another. This does not reflect on how I feel about you as a person, a child of God or any other catagory. I just think its funny what people write in yearbooks so I am going to publish them. What good are they if no one can read them?

That is all.


RCH said...

Heh heh heh....

D'oh. Hope I didn't write anything unintentionally hilarious. ;-)

K2 said...

Oh...just wait. You and Mrs. McMitchell will have your day in the sun..actually three days since we went to school together all that time. OH..and there are the OTHER things I could publish. Lambadaman anyone? AUNTY EM?
He He

RCH said...

Aunty Em, sure. Lambadaman? Noooooooooo! I will pay you an annual salary of an amount to be determined later not to publish any of those, lol!

Mrs. McMitchell said...

Yikes! What's written by Lambadaman stays with Lambadaman! Can you imagine? Oh my goodness. (I'd love to read them again but not online!!) I agree with RCH, but can I pay you in cookies?

Just the thought of what might be in them has me giggling uncontrollably. And has left me in a strange position. ;)

RCH said...

LMAO, Mrs. McM! You and your strange positions! Now I can't stop giggling. :-P