Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Long ago and far away...

No I'm not talking about Star Wars although that would make a good post. Hmm..something to contemplate. I've seen this done on a few blogs so I thought I would do it myself, if I can remember what the heck I was doing.

20 years ago
1. I was 13 years old and we were living in Bountiful, Utah and I was attending Mueller Park Junior High.
2. I was friends with two people that I am still friends with. HOLY COW! I've been friends with RCH and Mrs. McMitchell now for 20 years.
3. Our favorite thing to do in Jr High was to go to the library during the dances. While we were there we would torture Mr. Zonzini but I think he secretly liked it.
4. I'm sure I liked someone..probably T because he was in our ward and I liked him FOREVER.

10 years ago
1. I was almost 23 years old and living in Kansas City, Missouri working for KUPI in the scheduling department.
2. I went to the temple for the first time that year on Valentine's Day.
3. My friends, Caroline and Shane, got married that year.
4. I had pneumonia and I was in the hospital for a week. Everyone blamed it on my seeing the movie Titanic several times in a row. I don't think that was it.

5 years ago
1. I was almost 28 years old and still living in Kansas City, Missouri. I still worked for KUPI but I was getting pretty sick of it.
2. I was the Relief Society President in the singles ward. Enough said.
3. I had just started dating Boyfriend #1. Ah love.
4. Every weekend I had something going on somewhere but it was great fun and a fun time to look back on.

1 year ago
1. I was celebrating having moved to Atlanta and having my job for nearly a year.
2. I was nearing the end of my first year of teaching Seminary and looking forward to another year but kind of nervous about teaching Old Testament.
3. I was looking forward to a trip to Kansas City in April for Spring Break.
4. I got my first pedicure.

This year
1. We went on a cruise as a family to the Caribbean to celebrate the 10 year kidney birthday.
2. I have trips planned to SLC, KC and Boise and I can't wait!
3. I will finish teaching the Old Testament in Seminary in May and start the New Testament in August.
4. I hope to do better this year than last year.

1. I slept in because I didn't have Seminary.
2. I washed my car.
3. I watched my new favorite show New Amsterdam.
4. I took the puppy for a walk.

1. Teach the children Isaiah 29 about the Book of Mormon.
2. Hope the children aren't bored.
3. Go to work.
4. Go to the temple that night.

Well, I hope that about sums it up for now. I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet. It was a fun post and a good idea.


R Matthew Ware said...

Titanic? Several times in a row? In the theater?

Okay, I saw it once, when it came out on video. I acually bought the two tape (pre-DVD) set for my family. I watched it. It wasn't bad. It was actually okay. I still don't own it myself. This was the moment I started hating Celine Dion.

KUPI? Pupi, more like it. I don't miss it. But it did get me into hospital work, and for that, I am thankful.

Our vacations this year are Omaha in May, and hopefully Dallas in December.

I saw the pilot ep of New Amsterdam, pretty good, though I have a hard time sticking with a series. I just keep too busy. Maybe if it comes out on DVD.

K2 said...

I saw Titanic, I think, 12 times in the theatre. Fun times

R Matthew Ware said...

That's a lot of money spent to watch a boat sink.

K2 said...

Yeah but it was worth it...