Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trip to the Motherland

Last week I took a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah for a work conference.

I left on Monday the 14th and flew straight through to SLC. I picked up my rental car from Thrifty and I headed to Bountiful to visit Grandma at the Welcome Home. I had arranged to have dinner with Grandma and some of Dad's family but I arrived early and visited with Grandma for a little bit and we also had a little time for shut eye before everyone showed up to go to dinner. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Chuck-a-Rama which is a buffet that Grandma loves. She had mentioned that she wanted to go to the Olive Garden but it was late and she hadn't eaten so we headed off to the Chuck. It was nice to see most of Dad's family and have some food. I was so tired that I only stayed about 30 more minutes after getting Grandma home. I headed to the Radisson and my Sleep Number bed. I think I am a 45 but it was weird so I wasn't quite sure I did it right.

Tuesday the 15th was a bright and early day. We had to meet the vans leaving for the meeting at 7:10 so we could get there by 7:30 and have breakfast before the meeting started. All I can say is that by the middle of the 1st day I wanted to say this:

That is literally how I felt. Especially after we talked about 6 sigma. On Tuesday night I went to see my Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob. We had a great time talking and Aunt Carol fed me! It was great!

Wednesday we had to meet very early at 6:10 to begin our day. It was also a great day and that night we had a dinner at the Lion House with all the employees and out managers. The food was fantastic and I was glad to go back to the hotel and just relax.

Thursday was another early day as I went on a tour of the print shop which was fascinating. Please see my quiz to learn something you might not know! Thursday night I went and had dinner with RCH and Mrs. McMitchell and we had so much fun reminiscing. Of course I had to go and buy their children some toys. I think now I am known as Santy Kainty..because I am like Santa Claus to them. The three of us actually got to go out sans children and have some adult conversation. We went to a new restaurant in downtown SLC called The Acme Burger Company which is a very fancy burger place but the burgers were great! I really enjoyed it. Although, I thoughtlessly made this comment about RCH's food.

Me: What is that junk on your burger?

(Laughter from RCH and Mrs. McMitchell)

RCH: That is the topping for my burger. (I can't remember what it was.....)

Some things never change.

I left on Friday so I could be home for our stake choir concert on Saturday and Sunday. I had planned to stay later but those plans changed when I realized when the concert was. Grr. I had a great time seeing everyone and I am so glad I was able to squeeze in some family time whilst learning new aspects of my job.


R Matthew Ware said...

I remember Chuck a Rama. They kept shutting them down for food poisoning when I was in SLC. Good times.

I never had the chance to go to the Lion House in SLC, but I did eat on the top floor of the JSMB, not The Roof, but the other whose name I forgot. I do have a Lion House cookbook where I get a lot of good recipes, so I'll have to eat there sometime.

Ah, I miss SLC. Not enough to ever live there, but I'd like to visit.

Heather said...

I think I read the Six Sigma thing 5 times. I still don't get it.

Glad you had fun times in SLC. KC just opened up a fancy-schmancy gourmet burger joint. Maybe when you visit, we can check it out.

Loves ya tons!!

Frau Bailey said...

Sounds like you had a great tip. So much fun! I cannot wait for you to come to KC.