Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Question

Why do all "results" shows have to be 2 hours?

Dancing with the stars, for example, was 2 HOURS LONG last night and after about half an hour I had enough with the whole thing. I mean, it was nice to see everyone come back and dance again blah blah blah but for 2 HOURS???? I think that is insane.

American Idol is on tonight for 2 HOURS...2 HOURS people. What is going to stop me from poking my own eye out with a pencil because I just want to know who is the next American Idol without having to sit through all of that.

I guess I can update my blog or work on my facebook virtual bookshelf.

What do you guys think about shows that are too long?


RCH said...

That's why I love DVR so much! I watch everything after the fact, zip through the commercials, past the stupid filler, and just get to what I want to see. I cannot imagine my life without DVR anymore, lol.

K2 said...

I totally should get one of those. My dad, being the techie guy he is, hasn't gotten one yet.

That is such a fab idea. :-)

Emily Anne said...

They do that so you have to suffer while they rake in the money from commercials. I hate it and often just turn it on for the last ten minutes to catch who wins.

Heather said...

I think a show that was only ten minutes in length would be ten minutes too long.

As far as I am concerned, the only good competetive reality show is Top Chef. At least with that, there is demonstrative talent. AND, I can go to the website and copy the recipes I want.

American Idol is God's way of punishing America.