Friday, May 09, 2008

Seminary Gems

I can tell that the school year and seminary year are rapidly coming to a close because I am having a harder time keeping the kids attention. Consider this comment from one of my students on Wednesday (May 7th)

G: Can you draw a magic dragon on the board?
Me: Maybe after class, you know I can't draw.

This occurred in the middle of the lesson. I think they all have end of the year fever.


Eliza said...

K2, will you draw a magic dragon on your blog??

;-D ...silly seminary kids

Milla said...

I absolutely understand! My kids are starting to bounce off the walls. Only 17 school days left!

R Matthew Ware said...

It's amazing how rude you can be as a kid without realizing it.

But I also remember end of year brain fry-age.

Emily Anne said...

Umm... What is the difference between a regular dragon and a magic dragon?