Monday, July 07, 2008

Prep for Seminary

I started doing more serious prep work for Seminary yesterday. I had a few housekeeping things I had to get done so I finished those. I made my schedule for the parents and students with the reading assignments for each week, I wrote my agenda for my parent/student meeting and I updated by student list with addresses and phone numbers etc. I am getting more and more excited about Seminary and looking forward to getting started.

I still have lots to do. I have about 8 more videos to review and read the New Testament. Only 5 weeks until Seminary starts and I can hardly believe it. But still so excited to be teaching the youth of the church. They are the best!


Matthew said...

School and seminary shouldn't start until after Labor Day. That is all.

thepainterfamily said...

oops...I think I was the first person on your poll to NOT know about the batman movie! hehe! I am sure my husband is stoked enough for the both of us! haha!

Emily Anne said...

I would like to be as motivated as you in preparation. Go you. And I am so excited about Batman I can hardly wait.