Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Tale of the Toe

A strange title no? But the tale is true so here you go.
For several years I've battled warts and I have an especially large plantar wart on the bottom of my big left toe. I admit that sometimes I pick at it (and I know I shouldn't so you don't have to comment on that) and that is where the trouble first started.
On Monday it started to hurt but it had done that before and after a day or so it would start to feel better. This was not the case and I spend most of Monday night in lots and lots of pain. I think I finally went to sleep about 3am and slept fitfully until my alarm went off at 7am. I called and got an appointment to see my doctor at 4pm on Tuesday. Getting an appointment was an ordeal in itself but I won't bore you with those details since you all know how I hate Kaiser.
I went to the dr on Tuesday and he looked at the toe and determined that it was not infected but that the pressure on the plantar wart and the calus that surrounded it ended up giving me a blood blister on the rest of my toe. So he cut down the calus/wart and it felt better but I spent another night in pain. Today (Wednesday) I decided to stay home and keep my foot up and I think its helped. I actually slept and didn't have any pain earlier this am so I was very happy about that.
So I need to make an appointment with the dermatologist to have the wart taken care of and the others that I have. I definately don't want to go through that pain again. It wasn't fun.


thepainterfamily said...

maaaaaaannnn, doctors doctors....I am glad you are feeling better! Having an injury on your feet or hands is the WORST! it is just impossible to do anything! :)

mary elizabeth said...

glad to hear you are feeling better now! nothing worse than your foot hurting, though! makes walking pretty much the worst thing ever!

Emily Anne said...

You know I love holding your warty hand. Shame on your warty toe for causing you pain. Glad to hear you were being sensible about seeing the doctor so quickly and getting it looked at. You really should come back home so we can worry over you better!

K2 said...

You guys are all so sweet to worry over me. Especially when I did something dumb! Thanks for your love and support. I love all of you!

Mrs. McMitchell said...

Feel better, small friend! I hate warts. I had one on my hand for ages that kept getting snagged on everything. I'm so glad it's gone! I hope yours go away soon, too.

Here's hoping you can stay away from doctors for a long time!

Love you!