Friday, August 15, 2008

Polling Along

I decided to end the Fall Poll early in light of my previous blog and finding out that the new Harry Potter movie is coming out in July of 09 instead of in a few short months in November of 08. Let me know how you feel about it or leave a comment here.


melissa said...

You're a lying liar. I just got my Entertainment Weekly and it says "Half-Blood Prince" is coming out November 21st. Look at you sending everyone into panic. Shame!

melissa said...

NOOOOOOOOO! I just googled the story and discovered the awful truth! BOOOOOO. I am THIS close to reading that stinkin' Twilight series because of this.

Oh, and sorry and sent you a nastygram.

K2 said...

No worries! I knew you would gain a "testimony" of the truth if you looked hard enough. Jerks. Twilight is good..though a little might like it! :-)