Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Terrorists Can't Win...

Hey Internet its me. I've been feeling kind of down but I decided that I really can't stop writing. When I decided to stop a thousand ideas popped into my head which is kind of weird and random isn't it? I thought so.

The title of this post comes from a dear friend of mine who left a comment on my previous post. Jared said, "Kainty, if you stop writing the terrorists win." It made me laugh out loud to read that and remember that I am human. Thanks to all of you that wrote and reminded me of that fact. Mistakes happen but I have to move on and also forgive myself. Nobody is perfect.

A couple of other things popped into my head while I've been evaluating this situation. One is a line from one of my favorite movies, Where the Heart Is. One of the main characters says to another, "We've all got meanness in us." Yes, yes we do.

Also, the lyrics to part of a Garth Brooks song seems quite apropos during this past week and something I should remember about myself.

She's sun and rain,
She's fire and ice.
Alittle crazy but its nice.
And when she gets mad
you best leave her alone.
'Cause she'll rage just like a river
And she'll beg you to forgive her.

I've already done the begging part and I just hope its enough. Thanks again to all my friends and family and for your love. I love you guys.

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