Friday, October 31, 2008

Funeral and other things

Last week I didn't really read any blogs or write on mine so I thought I would treat you today to how my week went.

We found out last Saturday, October 18th, that Grandma Kieffer had passed away. We spent that evening looking for flights and trying to find the cheapest one we could for such short notice. We also called some family members to give them the news.

On Sunday I went to church and that evening we headed to the Atlanta airport to fly to SLC so we could begin planning Grandma's funeral. We left at 9:15pm our time and arrived in SLC at 11:15 or so their time. We didn't get to bed until, what felt like, 3 am our time. It was crazy but I was so glad to finally be there. We went to Uncle Stan's and Aunt Donna's and crashed.

On Monday we had breakfast with Uncle Stan and Aunt Donna and then headed out to Bountiful. We went to the mortuary first to proofread the obituary (good thing..Panguitch is spelled with a "g" and not a "q") and also to look at the casket. Apparently, the day before everyone thought Grandma had picked out a green casket but we ended up going with a silver one with a pink tint. It was very beautiful. We also went with Aunt Lois and Uncle Alvin to Mr. Mac's, a suit store in SLC, to get them both a new suit for the funeral. Followed up by lunch at Robintino's. Mom and Dad left to go back to South Jordan and I spent the evening visiting.

On Tuesday Aunt Lois, Uncle Alvin and I went grocery shopping before we went to pick up their daughter, my cousin, Kristi from the airport. We were all excited that she was able to come to the funeral. After picking her up we went to lunch at Grandma K's favorite Chinese restaurant and then we went to Macy's for a little funeral shopping. I had to look cute right? And Grandma would have wanted me to have a new "blouse". I had fun hanging out with my cousin and her parents. I don't get to see them that often so we had fun.

On Wednesday the viewing was scheduled from 6pm to 8pm that night. Aunt Lois was planning to have the family come up afterwards so much of the morning was spent cleaning and getting things ready. Kristi and I went to the funeral home to help my other aunt and cousin dress Grandma. I never thought it would be something I could or would want to do but it turned out to be a really neat experience and I am glad I went. Grandma looked great and I even touched her a few times. I was really pleased with myself. The viewing that night was actually a lot of fun, like Grandma was. I didn't cry like I did at Grandma Ward's viewing. It was fun to see family and we even had a few friends stop by. The Rizzuto's and the Cleverly's came as well as the VanUterits who we hadn't seen for years. That night we ate, played card games and hung out as a family. It was a good day.

On Thursday, the day of the funeral, my siblings arrived at the house and we all got ready for the funeral. I left early with Kristi and her parents so I could practice the piano before everyone else arrived. Grandma still looked good and things were going as planned. Two of Mom's brothers came as well as my Great Aunt Dot and Uncle Dean who are well into their 80's. It was nice to see the support we got. Our family alone filled up half of the chapel. The family prayer was given my another cousin, Kristi's brother Mike and this is when I really cried. I was standing at the back of the room while my siblings were near the front. I was standing by my BIL Kyle and he gave me a little squeeze so that was nice. (Thanks Kyle!) The funeral went really well with each of Grandma's kids giving a talk and the bishop of their ward as well. I cried a lot but it was good for me to do that. It was a release. Another cousin sang and she did a great job. After we got back to the church after the cemetery we had a lovely luncheon provided by the Bountiful 25th Ward Relief Society. It was great to talk to people I hadn't seen in so long and find out who was and wasn't on facebook and tell everyone to be my friend! That night we had more people up to the house and just had a great time.

On Friday we had family pictures taken by another cousin so we could have a recent picture. I got to hold my nephew, Little G, lots and lots. We went out to Gardner Village and had a good time there. That night we spent with Mom's family and again I saw cousins I hadn't seen in many years and told them to be my friends on facebook. It was a great night and very relaxing after a stressful couple of days.

On Saturday, we said good-bye to my siblings and then Kristi, me and her parents went to her brothers for dinner. It was nice to be with family and I was so tired from everything that I was glad to do nothing. Their kids are really cute and I enjoyed getting to know them. Everyone else played Settlers of Cataan and I watched. It looked too much like thinking and I just couldn't do it.

On Sunday we went to the airport, got on a plane and came home to the ATL. It was a good trip full of sad and happy moments. I laughed and cried. Most of all, it was a great time to reconnect with family and remember what this life is truly about.


Emily Anne said...

I'm glad you got to see so much of your family at the funeral. Those things are always sad and happy at the same time. Wierd huh?

Eliza said...

We were certainly thinking about you and your family all week. I'm glad to hear that everyone was able to be there together.

The Wehrmeister's said...

I'm glad you got to be around family. I heard you are coming to KC for Thanksgiving. I was quite bummed, because I will be gone and we won't get to meet!

(I blame it on Margaret)

mawayment said...

I am glad it was a good experience for you. So I still dont think I could do the dressing thing it way grosses me out. Are you really going to KC for Thanksgiving? We are!!! We get in Friday and leave Friday. I already told Margaret we will have to meet up. Mac will be so excited and you can meet my crazy kids :)