Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Worm Wednesday

This book for this week is For Laci by Sharon Roca. I have read this book several times and its one that I will read again and again I am sure.

It is written by Sharon Roca who is Laci Peterson's mom. Sharon talks about how hard it was to realize that Scott Peterson had murdered her daughter. I think part of the appeal for me was the fact that Laci is only a few days older than me. She sounds like she was a wonderful person and I found all of the police work fascinating.

Its a good read.


thepainterfamily said...

oh man...this was such a sad story...I haven't heard about it in a long time. What ever happened to Scott? I'm guessing he's in prison for a long time?

Beckle the Freckle said...

This is such a sad story, but I bet a forensic geek like me would love to read the book. I can't get over someone killing their wife and baby because they're an inconvenience...horrible.
Scott's been sentenced to death, but he's been hanging out on appeals for about 3 years. I'm sure it will take quite a few more before anything ever happens!