Friday, March 13, 2009

Is anyone alive out there?

Yes, its me. Here I am writing on the blog again. Amazing isn't it? Its been almost a month since I last wrote and I feel like I have ton to say. So here we go.

The Cyst
The spitting stitch turned out to be a cyst as I stated in my previous post. It is healing up so nicely and I feel sooo much better.

Last Weekend
Last weekend my good and awesome friend, VR, came to Hotlanta to hang out with just little old me. She arrived on Friday night about 9 and we then drove home, chatted and went to bed. Saturday morning we got up early to have breakfast at Papa Jacks so she could have a real southern breakfast and it was so yummy! After breakfast we said goodbye to Dad and headed to the Georgia Aquarium and The World of Coke. The Aquarium was fun and the World of Coke was more fun than I thought it would be. We got to sample so many different kinds of soda from around the world! I only accidentally tried one carbonated one. We had a fun time. That night we went with Dad to the Melting Pot and then came home and just chatted. On Sunday we went to Stone Mountain and took the tram up to the top of the mountain, walked around and had a great time. Then it was time for VR to go to the airport and back to KC. I was sad to see her go but I know that I will get to hang out with her soon.

Painting the House
In order to prepare the house for selling, we've taken everything off the walls and had some people come and paint the inside of the house. A few rooms were painted by some friends and the rest by a lady in our ward and her Dad. They did a great job and I was just glad that mom and dad didn't have to do it because Mom was getting pretty tired after she painted the laundry room. It sure was good to have it all done. Now to reorganize the house....

Dad has a big heart
Dad went in for a heart procedure yesterday and while everything went well now the sac around his heart is inflamed so he is in the hospital being watched. The procedure went fine and hopefully he will start to feel better but now he is in a lot of pain but it should subside....or so the doctor tells us. We aren't sure if he will be in the hospital until Monday or just one night. Its been crazy.

I have such wonderful Seminary kids and they really bless my life every single day. We are going through all the Pauline epistles at the moment and I am learning a lot although I think I would rather teach Isaiah some days.

Little G
(Otherwise known as the cutest baby ever) He is growing so big! I can't believe that he can roll all over the house now. Wow. Time sure does fly.

is a pain in the butt.

Twilight comes out in a week from tomorrow and I can hardly wait. Fun times! I'll be watching it lots and lots. Because I'm cool like that.

Well, kids that is all for now. I will try to be more diligent in writing. Love you all.



Heather said...

I should come to Hotlanta one more time before you move back. I never did get to see the Coke Center or the Aquarium.

Tell Dad I hope he gets to feeling better soon. Tell him that it could be worse...I could be the nurse taking care of him. lol

Be good!

Emily Anne said...

If Matt and I decide to visit Atlanta after you move back home, will you go with us? Matt really wants to see the aquarium and I would LOVE the Coke thing. I want to do everything now, but Matt reminds me i'm pregnant and can't go traipsing across the US 1 month before I deliver. Dumb, huh?

Matthew Ware said...

Hey, I'd love the Coke thing too. Worldly Cokes? What could be better? And I have a thing about aquariums. It's almost an addiction.

Haney family said...

This is what I call an update-did you get everything?!?! :)
Moving is so much work, good luck! Everyone is moving back to KC. I think we are missing out:) Say Hi to your parents for us. Hope your dad is feeling better.

RCH said...

I've always known your dad has a big heart (and really, it must be hereditary) but is he okay? I saw on your sidebar that he updated his blog so I went over to check, but all he wants to talk about it the PITA of moving. (Which I guess means that he's just fine, lol, but still. I worry! I was hoping for details!)

I love you! :-*

Ken said...

I'm glad that Mom and Dad didn't have to paint, either - you know how they get when they have to paint together! :)


The Wehrmeister's said...

I agree. Moving stinks. I hope you move here before I move away. Or maybe that's just how our friendship will always be... ships in the night.