Thursday, April 30, 2009

To explain...

To explain my previous short post, I was at work and went to the ladies room. Most of you know where I work so I won't mention where because I don't do that on this blog. Anyway, it was a rather slow day and there weren't many people around.

The restroom is in an area where anyone off the street could walk into..hence the term PUBLIC RESTROOM!! I walked in and as I turned the corner to go to the stalls I hear a large bang which was the door to the first stall being slammed shut. The occupant had come to the realization that it was a PUBLIC RESTROOM and someone public (me) had just walked in. It took her about 3 times of slamming said door to actually get it locked. And she sounded ticked off that she had to shut the door in the first place.

Hello????? Its a PUBLIC RESTROOM. Of course, the PUBLIC are going to be coming in here even if you don't think so.


**PS. The lady in question was in the middle of when I walked in.

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