Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If I didn't have to go to another doctor I wouldn't. Seriously. Its been that kind of week already and its only Tuesday!

I had to have a mammogram as part of the listing process for the transplant. That's fine. I know I am 35 and that sort of stuff needs to start happening. Going in I knew that I had a lump on the right side that had already been biopsied seven years ago. I didn't expect to also have something on the left side. As I expected, because I am me, I had to have further testing on said lumps. After the ultrasounds it was determined that I should see a surgeon for a consultation to have a biopsy of the lumps. Fine. The women's center where I had the mammogram and ultrasound said they would request the records from my previous biopsy for this appointment.

Yesterday I go to the appointment expecting to hear that I need a biopsy. Obviously because I am me and things can't just go easily. Anyway, at the doctor's office the doctor is puzzled because he doesn't have these records. His nurse doesn't really care that I am upset by this and instead gives me a lecture about self exams. I know this. I am not five years old nor am I lacking intelligence. I explain to her that I have had other things on my mind. In an extremely condescending voice she explains that I should do them so if there is a problem I can alert someone. Thanks Sherlock I had no idea that is why we do monthly self breast exams.

For the record, I know that I should do them. Just so you know.

I leave the doctor's office $25 poorer (which I can't afford) and have no answers. Thankfully, his nurse called me today to set up the biopsy for next Tuesday. Yes, I get to have the right one done too. Lucky me.

I am not the type of person who complains a lot to other people. Sure, I come home and tell mom and dad about it with all sorts of passion. But I don't really ever take the next step like writing a letter.

Today I did.

I am glad I did it. I think there is no excuse for the women's center not doing their job and for the doctor's nurse to be so blase about the whole situation. So I wrote a letter to both places expressing my displeasure with my most recent interactions with their offices.

I am not too worried about the biopsies but I wish that something in my life would go easily. Hopefully this will turn out to be nothing.


Jacob, Shawn, Joseph, and Shae said...

Boo! (at the meanie nurse who was totally unempathetic, just pathetic)
I hope things start getting better soon! If you end up in Omaha at the transplant center here I will bring you some chocolate chip cookies!

RCH said...

Holy crap, I would be irritated. I'm glad you wrote a letter! {{{BIG FAT HUGS}}}

Verification word: eprefe. As in someone with a vaguely non-distinct European accent saying, "e prefe not to zee zo many doctors!"