Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello world, its me Kainty

I am sure all of you (2 of you?) have been dying to know the results of my breast biopsy last week. I actually got the call on Wednesday because my biopsy got a rush put on it since I am the squeaky wheel and all of that. Both lumps are fibroid adenoma's (I probably misspelled that) and nothing to worry about. Even the one on the right that had gotten bigger since the previous biopsy. It was certainly welcome news and I was happy that I didn't have to worry about while I was gone on vacation.

Vacation? Yes, vacation. Although some might argue that my entire life right now is a vacation, we are leaving town for approximately two and a half weeks. Dialysis fluid is being delivered to each location we will be staying at. First, we are driving from Kansas City to Denver and spending the night with Ben's aunt. The next morning we will drive to Hurricane, UT (near St. George, UT) and stay for two days with my Aunt Karla. Then off to Salt Lake to stay until Sunday the to Boise, ID to see Little G!! He is turning 2 on 9/11 and I am so excited to see him. Margaret, Dad and Lydia will also be going so it will be a fun road trip. Mom is flying out to Boise today and we will see her in SLC next week. It will be nice to get away and not worry about things. Maybe I just want to get away since I spent the majority of about 4 months in the house except going to dialysis. Full report will be written on my return..or while I am gone.

What else? Oh, I've been trying to go to Curves at least Monday through Friday. Margaret and I are starting to walk every morning so we can walk in the 5K kidney walk on October 9th. Anyone who wants to join us or donate money to a great cause can e-mail me at kantrun@gmail.com I am not much of a seller or someone who can ask for donations easily. Sometime I should write about my absolute failure as a girl scout just to prove the point. But this is for a good cause and something I believe in which also helps me out right now. Its awesome the types of programs there are but I am sure they could use all of the help they can get.

I am off now to do some more e-mails, my job for my brother and indexing on Family Search. Loves!


Rain said...

Dear Kathryn,

On your way to Salt Lake you might need to stop and grab a bite to eat. Not to brag or anything, but I grill a pretty good hamburger ;-) Seriously, if it could fit in your schedule Doug and I would love to have you and your family for dinner, or lunch, brunch whatever. Of course I know it may not work out, but I have to offer just the same. Enjoy your vacation-and if you can't stop by, send me a mental message as you pass the Lehi exit and I'll see if I can receive it. I love you friend.


Bailey Family said...

I am looking forward to the roadtrip! I guess I should start packing and organizing!!

You are cute.

Eliza said...

I'm the third comment, so there's more than two of us :) I hope you have lots of fun vacationing and seeing friends and family, I'm sure they are all very excited to see you.