Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little L and Little G

For your viewing pleasure, pictures of my sweet niece and nephew.

Lydia and her mom mugging for the camera.

Not quite sure what the G is doing here as I didn't get to go on this adventure but he still looks cute!

The little girl on a cow.

And in a teepee.

I probably bought her that shirt.

He looks pretty proud of himself doesn't he?

I just love these kids.  They are truly the light of my life and I enjoy every minute that I get to spend with them, doing things for them or just talking to them.  


Eliza said...

They both have a serious case of cuteness!

Bailey Family said...

Yeah! They are the cutest mini people I have ever seen.

I think they both LOVE their aunt also! Super cute and sweet.

Rachel said...

They are so cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Oh and seriously how have you never read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? That's one of my favorite books.

K2 said...

@Rachel, I know! I had heard about A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for a long time but had resisted reading it. Don't know why. I love it! Can't wait to finish.