Monday, June 20, 2005

A Work Survey

At work on Friday we received an "employee satisfaction survey" the idea being that the powers that be could decide if we are happy. I am unsure that this is a sufficient way to find out if we are satisfied in our jobs. The questions asked are inane and don't delve into the heart of the matter of anything.

I guess that I should say that the majority of those who work in my department are unsatisfied with their work and those they work for/with. Here is a sample of a few of the questions that I think are not quality questions. These are being rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being No and 5 being Yes.

1. Do I know what is expected of me at work?
Of course I do or I wouldn't be here very long would I?
2. Do I feel my job is important?
What are you going to say no? I guess to be honest you would if you really felt that way but if you wanted to put your name on it would you really want to be that honest?
3. Are my co-workers committed to doing quality work?
How am I supposed to know? Take a survey?

At the end of this survey is also a space for additional comments. I really think that this survey is merely to pacify those who are unsatisfied and give those that are a chance to look good. I don't think the questions asked are very insightful as I've stated earlier in the blog.

Now I am struggling with what exactly my additional comments are going to be. I already know that I'm going to type them and attach to the original survey. I want to be completely honest and yet I don't want to put my name on anything. The things that I want to say will most likely be obvious they came from me. I am most concerned about the lack of responsibility and accountability in my department. Not in my small portion of the larger whole but in the larger whole. I work with doctors and I feel that they are not accountable for their behavior or for helping our company generate more revenue. Their attitude is that if we didn't do it 10 years ago we don't need to do it now. Their other attitude is that other people besides themselves aren't important and it reflects in how they treat their staff. I wouldn't send anyone I knew to half of the physicians I work for based on how they treat their staff and those around them. If they treat us will they treat patients?

I also feel like, with our big push for customer services, we are paying lip service to the idea but are not completely committed to it. I think that everyone knows that it is a good idea but since our employer doesn't trust us or show appreciation very often we are less inclined to give great customer service because what is the point? Even though we don't want to think of ourselves as selfish..most of us are when it comes to our jobs and the appreciation we get from them. Serving lunch twice a year and giving awards isn't enough.

What is really the point then of a satisfaction survey when no real questions are asked and when the work force is pretty sure that no good will come of it anyway? My employer has lost our trust and I think it will be a long while before it is gained back.


Paola said...

So, even if you tell them moral is bad and you don't think the survey is worth the paper it is written on, you don't think things will change?

Heather said...

Funny thing about their little surveys (I have to take them as well) is that some of the questions are worded in such a manner, it is almost impossible to give a negative answer.

Work surveys suck. So do the little letters they send asking you for money.