Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Cleverly's

I wanted to write a blog about one of my favorite families (besides my own) in the world. The Cleverly's are just such a neat and awesome family and I always feel welcome and like I am one of their own when I am around them.

There are 8 siblings plus mom and dad Cleverly making their family pretty big but not as large as a friend of mine with 15 sibs. But that's a whole different blog altogether. The Cleverly family are very loving and very accepting. Mom Cleverly is always there to listen, talk to and laugh with. Dad Cleverly is super wise and someone who knows so much about the world, God and all the things in between.

I should probably start with how I met this great family. My friend, Rachael, happens to be a Cleverly and we met years ago at the end of 7th grade but maybe it was the beginning of 8th. Neither of us can remember anymore because so many years have gone by. Our friendship grew and blossomed and we still talk to this day. She is one of my best friends in the whole world. She has taught me so much and I look up to her in so many ways. She is the mother of 2 adorable girls and lives in Lubbock, TX where her husband is in his final year of a family medicine residency.

The oldest of the Cleverly sibs is Michael and when we were all in high school together we all thought he was a pain but over the years he's grown on me. I think he is so brilliant and knows so much..much like his dad does. I really enjoy reading his blog and gleaning knowledge from him.

The next is Becca who was only a year older than Rachael and I in school so we would all hang out sometimes. Becca is fun. That is the best word to describe her. Becca is also a miracle because she is here with us. I am amazed at her courage during a particuarly trying time in her life. She and I both had miraculous summers in 1997. Becca is also fascinating because she is researching ways to suppletment her daughter's public education and I think that is so important in this day and age.

Next is Rachael who I already told you about earlier. I love her. If I talk more about her the blog will be entirely about her and not about her family as a whole.

Talmage is next and I think that Talmage is quiet, smart and has a great dry sense of humor like my dad. Sometimes you'll just be sitting there and he'll say something and it makes you laugh. He is also a great dad.

Anna amazes me because she runs marathons. I have always been jealous of people who actually liked to run unlike myself who shudder at the thought. Anna is giving of her time and does runs for charity. Her first marathon was for the leukemia foundation and that was so awesome to read about. She is great.

Next come the three "little girls" even though all are in their 20's. But I guess it will probably stick.

Camilla I will always remember because she has beautiful brown eyes and a quiet manner. She is fun to be around and is so sweet to everyone she meets. Rachael and I tried to get Camill and my sister to be friends because we thought that would be cool..because we were friends but that didn't quite work out. Camilla is kind and gentle and I admire that about her.

Eliza is so smart and such a great writer. Even when she was younger she was captivating as a writer. Rachael and I were always amazed and how well she did in English and on her creative writing. Eliza also ran a marathon earlier this year. Eliza is a friendly and well rounded woman and I think it is great how awesome she has grown up to be.

Mary is happy go lucky and so much fun to be around. Mary has, it seems, boundless energy. I met Mary for the first time when she was just tiny and she was always fun. She is also the only Cleverly girl to have a middle name which I think makes her unique and special.

So there is a run down of the Cleverly clan minus the inlaws. I love this family. They are so wonderful and giving and I am so glad that I have the privilege to know them.


mec said...

Ahh...Gee thanks!! You're the bomb Kathryn!

Becca said...

Awwww! ((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))

James Cleverly said...


I came accross your blog and thought that I would ask you to pass a hello on to my American namesakes, they seem nice.