Friday, July 08, 2005

The Six Degrees of my brother

So anyone who knows my brother knows that he has many connections here in our fair city. I swear that we can go ANYWHERE and he will know someone. The heading to my blog is a nod to the popular (or not so popular) game where you can start with any actor and eventually connect him or her to Kevin Bacon in 6 movies or less. I'm not saying the same for my brother but I thought it would be a cool title.

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is this. Today I got an e-invite to a house warming party for a friend that I met last summer doing kidney camp. Whenever someone accepts to come there is a list on the left hand side of the invite showing you who is coming. I was perusing this and saw one of my brother's former roommates and good friends from high school Bill! I couldn't believe it! I said to myself..that is so weird that Morgan (or her boyfriend) knows Bill. But then I remember the 6 degrees of my brother...and of course it would make sense that someone I know would know my brother either directly or through another relationship.

Lest you think this is common to my cute brother..its not. My mom is exactly the same way. I swear that we could be in Antartica and she would run into someone she knows. Mom will no doubt put a comment on my blog that this just isn't true. But I've seen it happen many, many times. Like mom, like son I suppose.

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