Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Being sick stinks..and other random thoughts..

So I've been sick for the past two weeks or so. Some days are better than others but always I seem to feel worse after a full day of work or going out or whatnot. I went to my Family dr twice and all I got was to pay them money and I got antibiotics. I do not have strep or mono as I feared so that is good news. This does not explain, however, the low grade temps etc etc that I continue to have. Its a little tiring. I think that I have figured that I must have some sort of virus that my body just isn't getting rid of as fast as I would like it to. I've missed like 6 days of work so good-bye vacation time! But I would rather be at home getting better than be at work and feel like crap. Hopefully I'll feel better sooner rather than later. I do have a life you know! :-)

I broke up with my BF of 6 months last week..well we broke up the week before that but in a moment of weakness I considered getting back together. But I didn't want that and I feel that right now the best decision for both of us is to maintain our distance. Its hard...really hard because I feel alone and I miss him. Even though what nudged me into breaking up with him was a HUGE mistake on his part I still care about him and miss him. Its crazy this life is.

So that's my life. I promise to write soon about camp and other things going on in my life. If you need me I'll be at home on the couch..watching TV.


Melanie Alamo said...

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Mrs. McMitchell said...

Hey Kaintie, I hope you feel better soon...have they found out what's wrong yet? I'm sorry about the BF crap, too. I hope things get better all around.
As for the above comments from linda and melanie: what is up with people leaving comments to sell stuff? Is this a new trend? I got one today inviting me to a dating site...even though it's pretty obvious I'm married. Beyond tacky!

Heather said...

Spam for blogs! You can edit your blog so one has to verify before posting a comment. This helps in preventing spam. I've been attacked by the evil little spam minions as well.

benjobailey said...

My kool-aid stash is now safe!!!

Paola said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. I know that Brody and Pete are keeping you company

Sorry about your BF too. I really want you to be happy.