Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's Tuesday

So it's Tuesday almost a week since I've been on medication for my illness that has no name. I am feeling better. The sores in my mouth are nearly healed but I still feel tired and I expect that feeling will last for a while as my body heals itself and I continue taking meds for another 8 days or so.

I was very mad at my Transplant Surgeon last Wednesday because I felt their attitude towards my illness was less than sympatheic and more on the "Who Cares" side. I get really annoyed with doctors who, because they think they know more than you, talk down to you or tell you things that you already know. For example, my doctor informed me that because I have a transplant that I would get sick more easily. Well, thanks for the newsflash Captain of the Obvious. No I really didn't know that. I've only been a transplant patient for 8 years! Then he had the nerve to say to me that the sores in my mouth could be worse. I was like..great. Thanks for that too. You sure are the epitome of sympathy and empathy around here. I thought docs were supposed to do no harm..apparently this dr missed that line in the Hippocratic Oath.

By this time I felt very defeated because I'd been sick nearly a month and I felt that no one really cared. I wanted drugs and I wanted answers. I guess because my labs were Ok then it wasn't anything to worry about. But if my labs were bad you can bet they would be all over my case wondering what I was doing wrong. Grr.. My good friend Heather had driven me to the drs appointment and afterwards in her car I just broke down..crying because I was so frustrated about the whole thing.

But now I am on the mend and hopefully I have turned the corner on this illness and I can stay healthy this winter. I think the lesson I've learned is that only whiney patients will get anything done about their condition. I guess next time I'll have to call and call and call to get anyone to listen to me. I guess I'l just have to be a pain in the butt. AND to top it all off I've used all my vacation and sick time because no one would listen..so that makes me even more happy.

I have to get back to work.


Uno Kidney said...

So Kyle can't wait to use the following line, which I think would have been perfect for your transplant doc:

"It must be obvious day at Camp Stupid!"

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Heather said...

And don't forget to wear sunscreen because tranplant folks are more prone to melanoma!!!