Friday, October 07, 2005

The Kansas City News

So the news in KC can sometimes lack that certain know..important stuff you want to know about. Not fluff and junk that isn't that interesting to begin with. Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy stories about people helping each other or interesting things people are doing around town but I saw something last night that could have been left off of the 10 o'clock news.

This weekend is the big Nextel NASCAR race in KC Kansas. People come from everywhere to witness this event and lots of them bring their RV's or camp or what-have-you. I guess in the past there have been portable showers available to NASCAR fans to shower the stink off. FEMA has commendered all of them in the wake of Hurrican Katrina and Rita. So you guessed showers for the NASCAR fans for FOUR DAYS!

So what does the news do? They go to the race track and ask people if they mind STINKING for four days! Hello? Is this news? I think not. All of the people they interviewed said "We don't mind stinking for four days..who cares? This is much more redneck can you get than not showering." All I have to say is EWWWW. That grosses me out. I wouldn't go. I'd be staying at a hotel somewhere so I could shower. Can you imagine the smell that will be wafting from the raceway come Sunday when the series is over?

I'll be sure to tune into the news tonight to see if they have an "update" on this breaking story.

Good grief.


Heather said...

It'll be like Woodstock...only with country music, and fast cars, and a whole LOTTA beer!

I'm so glad that Kansas City is keeping abreast of this situation. Perhaps we should have a soap drive for them?

RCH said...

Wow, slow news days in the KC metro, huh? It's not much better here. When we first moved, a particular local news station had a weekly Doctor's Report, wherein they would let us know what common ailments doctors reported treating from around the South Plains. "Dr. Bla-dee-bla in Small Town is seeing excema and seasonal allergies, while Dr. So-and-so has treated asthma and bee stings this week." Um.... Thanks for the info. (As far as I know, that still counts as news here, but we don't watch that channel anymore.)

RCH said...

Oh, and PS! I meant to tell you hooray for regular blogging again! :-D I miss you terribly, my friend, and I enjoy your occasional rants and updates. Keep 'em coming!