Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A quick update

I thought that since I hadn't blogged yet this week I would give a quick update on my life etc etc etc. Then I thought that probably my life is kind of boring but oh well..who cares its my blog right? I can write about whatever I want to.

Its been almost a two weeks since I started on medication to battle whatever stupid virus seems to have taken up residence in my body. I found out on Friday that my creatin is 1.9 which is .3 higher than it was the previous week. The transplant dr wanted me to get my blood tested again yesterday so I did. Those results should be back either tomorrow or Thursday so we'll see what happens. It could be high because of medication or because I'm sick. 1.9 isn't the highest its ever been so I'm not too worried about it at the moment. Besides, I am feeling much better today than I have in a long time. Yesterday I even cleaned out my car and vacummed it and washed the windows on the inside. I figured since my mom is coming to visit she might not want to ride or drive around in a messy car. Yesterday I also went through one of my infamous plastic totes trying to get rid of stuff. I probably should go through it again with a more critical eye of what I should and shouldn't keep.

Now I'm at work and its kind of slow so I am dreading this afternoon. Hopefully there will be enough to keep me busy until 3:15.

Thanks so much to everyone who has called and wondered how I've been feeling. I will write more later.

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