Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Me..the human guinea pig

So I've been offered to be in a drug study at Transplant and I am WAY excited about it. Bascially I am going to take one of the same meds I'm already taking but the "new" med is coated so as to avoid the nasty GI side effects that I currently endure on the "old" med Cell Cept. Cell cept's patent is about to run out so this new medicine apparently does the same thing without the nasties mentioned before.

I go in next Monday for my inital eval, blood work, talk to the dr that kind of thing. Then I get 3 months worth of the new med free. I go back in a month, same drill and get another month's worth of med free. I got back in Jan or early Feb for my final eval, get a perscription and $550! I was most excited about that last part. Money is a good motivator. The medicine is currently being used in new transplants and some older transplant pts are using it as well. If it can make me have fewer problems then I am all for it!


Heather said...

And remember...it pays to stay!!!

So, what are you going to buy me???

RCH said...

Free medicine and $500 to boot! Sign me up for that! ...Oh, wait....