Thursday, December 15, 2005

What's that noise...and other evidence that I have lost my mind.

Today I have lost my mind. Perhaps I have misplaced it like a set of keys or the sock the dryer always eats. Either way my mind is gone. "Surely," you say to yourself, "you haven't lost your mind. You're a spring chicken and I am sure you are exaggerating." Oh no...I'm not. Here are a couple of vignette's from my day to prove it.

exhibit A
At work everyday I count and enter the money we've collected into the computer system. I then take it to be deposited. Usually I am very good at this part of my job but today, I lost my mind. There was one quarter that I forgot to put into the deposit bag. These aren't bags you can just open have to cut them open and then use a brand new bag. I had already walked down to the finance office to deposit the money so I had to walk all the way back to my office and fix the problem. Duh.

exhibit B
My friend in one of the other offices gave me a little set of jingle bells in a bunch that she had put on fishing wire so I could hang it by my desk and have some Christmas spirit. I decided to put them in the pocket of my skirt so that I wouldn't "jingle" all the way down the hall. I did so and proceeded to leave her office. I was gone maybe a minute when I heard something and thought to myself, "What's that noise." It took me a little bit to figure out it WAS ME! The stupid jingle bells that I had just put in my pocket. DUH!

So there you go. Judge for yourself but I am nearly convinced that I have lost my mind.


Heather said...

I always like to think of it not as losing your mind, but rather: Sense of Reason has Taken a Sabbatical.

Jared said...

That's cause you're 30, kainty. That's what happens when you are old.

RCH said...

But hey, I bet you can pop popcorn and pour a drink at the same time. ;-)