Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A New Georgia Peach

So here I am in Atlanta sitting at my parents house at their computer blogging. I love it so far and I am so glad that I came to live with them.

Most of you probably want a run down of the trip out..especially with my neurotic cat, Pete in tow so here you go.

We left on Friday morning about 7:30 when all was said and done. I went to pick up my friend Heather about 6:30 which made her very grumpy. We ran to McDonald's on our way back to my house to pick up breakfast for myself, Heather and my Dad. After loading last minute and breakables into the car we started on our way out of town. I was sure that I would cry as I left KC but I really didn't. I was more excited to be on our way.

Pete was not happy to be in the carrier and spent most of that day lying in the litter box I had put in there in case he needed it. I decided that it didn't really matter where he was inside of the carrier as long as he was Ok. He cried a bit but settled down after about 4 hours or so. Everytime we stopped and started again..he cried. I was pretty amazed at how well he did considering that he doesn't really set a furry toe outside in his normal life.

We arrived in Kuttawa, Kentucky about 5pm and smuggled Pete into the motel room then went out to dinner. We went to Patti's 1800 settlement for dinner. They are famous for their porkchops so we all had one. Dad had the stuffed 2 inch pork chop and Heather and I just the one inch regular pork chop. I am not sure if they compare to my own brand of pork chops but they were good. The young man who was our waiter had a beautiful Western Kentucky accent and I think that I would have been fine if he just sat downa nd read the menu to us. He reminded me of my friend Matt from South Carolina. It was fun.

The next morning we were up about 5 am to be on the road early. We left Kuttawa about 6:30 with Pete in tow. Again he was not very happy and cried a bit more than he had cried the previous day. We made it to Sugar Hill about 1:00 and it was fun to see my Mom again. She was so excited to have me here. We ate lunch and proceeded to unload the U-Haul of the boxes and a few people came over to help move the piano into the house. I was greatful for the help.

Heather and I have been running around seeing things. Yesterday we went to the Outlet malls and the Huge IKEA store close to downtown Atlanta. Today we are going up to Helen, GA to see the tourist stuff there and Heather will probably drop more cash..as she is prone to do.

Well, that's about it for the report from Atlanta. Hope all is well wherever you are.


Jared said...

Kanty, that trip would have been a perfect time to let pete be free. I bet he would have liked Kentucky.

Mikki said...

I'm glad to hear that Pete is adapting well and getting back to being his normal and pleasant self once again. He is the nicest little flesh-eating, toe-biting kitty cat I know.

RCH said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear that you (and I guess Pete, the flesh-eating, toe-biting, and I'll add baby-hissing cat) are safe and sound in your new home. :-D

:: Waving hi to Momalue and Popalue ::

I miss you!

It's exciting to make a fresh start, though, isn't it?

I need to get over this phone thing and just CALL YOU so we can talk. ;-) I love you and miss you terribly!

RCH said...

Oh, wait-wait-wait! It just occurred to me, I've been to Patti's! I've eaten a 1-inch pork chop and everything! I have a bottle of Patti's Seasoning (which is almost gone and needs replacing) that Uncle Bobby bought for me!

So what part of IL did you go through to get there? Did you pass through / near Harrisburg at all? Because, you know, the 'Burg is only about 40 minutes from Patti's and it's between STL and KY. Probably the main roads go elsewhere, though.... Hmmmm.

Anyway. Now I feel special. :-)

Kathryn said...

Jared..no I will not let Pete go..ever. He is too cute.

Mikki..Thanks for yourr encouragement..you are the best.

RCH..I think we went very close to the burg..we went by Metropolis which is pretty close to the burg right? Patti's was soo good and I am glad we went there. Our waiter was so cute and his accent so nice. Very fun. I can see why you fell in love with DH.

Miss you lots too..