Friday, March 23, 2007

Scripture Mastery Day

As previously mentioned I teach early morning Seminary to high school students. Today was Scripture Mastery Day and I think I succeeded in not thinking up yet another "lame" game to play to help them learn their scripture masteries.

For those who don't know scripture masteries are 100 scriptures, 25 from each of the standard works of the church, that the students are encouraged to be familiar with. So far this year we have played several different kinds of games to try to get to know the 25 scriptures for this year.

I can't remember what we did when I was in Seminary besides pass off scriptures. I wish that I could remember more. Anyone who went to Seminary with me is welcome to rack their brains and see if they can remember anything we did. I am running out of ideas now that the end of the year is upon us. Anyway, I do remember we played bingo a lot. Maybe we'll do that next week.

Anyhoo, today I made up a game called the Handcart game. We used a big piece of burlap and split the class up into 2 teams. One team had to use all their team mates and run a large circle around the gym while the other team looked up the scripture mastery. It was so funny. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Those kids are funny. We had a good time and for once I wasn't "lame".


Mrs. McMitchell said...

I have a hard time imagining that you are lame, Kaintie. (I mean, Sister Kieffer.) I bet you're the best Seminary teacher out there.

I vaguely remember what we did in seminary. Um...glue-ins? I can't really remember! That was like 50 years ago or something. I remember singing a lot and ditching class. Good times. :)

I'm a fat lot of help!

Kathryn said...

Ditching class hmmm? I think the only time I ditched seminary was the year I had the seminary teacher from the bad place who made me cry. It was Senior year remember? Then they moved me to Bro. Farmer's class and I was mucho happier. You crack me up. I couldn't remember either because its been like...well more than 10 years (getting close to 15) since we attended seminary.
And yes..sometimes I am LAME!