Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sibling Memories

Today I happened to be listening to the radio when the DJ's were asking what people's favorite Halloween candy was to receive. One of the DJ's said "The Chunky" and this propelled me into thinking about my siblings and some of the things that I inflicted upon them when we were younger.

The reason "The Chunky" started these memories was because of my brother, Ken. We all loved trick or treating and we especially loved to sort our candy out once we had arrived home. All of the candy bars would be sorted into one pile by the type of candy. There were also general categories like, "I hate these but I got them anyway". Once the sorting was complete we would then beg, borrow and steal (literally) from each other to get what we liked and wanted. Nearly every year Ken would receive "The Chunky" and none of the rest of us would be lucky enough to have one in our bags. I would beg Ken to trade anything and everything for "The Chunky" but he would have none of it. He wanted "The Chunky" all to himself and most of the time I would let the issue drop. But once in a while I would allocate "The Chunky" for myself. It was yummy. Lots of chocolaty goodness that I got all to my self.

Upon reflection today it was probably pretty mean of me to steal Ken's Chunky. When he had more than one he always would share. That's my brother..he shares and I love that about him!

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Heather said...

They have Halloween peeps, ya know.

Vile things...