Thursday, October 11, 2007


I decided that Pete needs a harness so I can take him outside because he seems to want to go outside all of the time. The only problem is that Pete has no front claws so he would be completely defenseless outside if left to his own devices. So we bought a harness (like for dogs) that you can attach a leash to.

The first harness that we bought was small..too small for Pete so we had to upgrade to the medium size. Although not a perfect fit it is not as tight (read: too small) as the other one was. When I first placed the harness on Pete he wasn't sure what to think. Several times he tried to back out of he was in a sack or something. He knew that something was on his back but he couldn't figure out what. Then I attached the leash. Apparently I expected Pete to leap for joy and run out the front door like a dog. He is a cat after all but in the brilliance of my latest idea I seem to have forgotten this. Anyway, I opened the front door and proceeded to try to "lead" Pete out into the front yard. Now Pete does not want to go out in the front yard. So I pick him up and carry him out. He runs back in while nearly ripping my arm out of my shoulder socket. I pick him up and take him back outside..he runs back in with the same repercussions to my shoulder as before. I pick him up and take him back outside and place him on the grass. He then proceeds to creep along the bushes like an army man on a secret mission and then runs back in. I figured that was enough for now and took off the leash and harness.

Later that night Pete is crying by the back door and I figure maybe this is a good time to show him that the harness is a good thing because with it on he can go outside. He is not convinced. We repeat the carrying of Pete outdoors where he proceeds to lie on the grass and eat it. I can predict that I will be cleaning the carpets soon after this event if he eats too much. Again with the army crawl.

Maybe he will relate the harness to going outside because he wants to go outside anyway. Isn't Pete fun? I will post some pictures of Pete with the harness on and the leash for your viewing pleasure in a future post.


jared said...


You need to accept the fact that Pete needs to be free. Let him go. Let him be free.

Kenneth said...


Perhaps instead of a leash, Pete would be more comfortable with a shock collar. Yes. Now THAT would be fun. Fun for Pete? Probably not so much. Fun for me? Definitely.


Heather said...

Do they make a rainbow-colored harness for cats?

Just wondering...