Monday, November 12, 2007

Pete goes to the Vet

That sounds like the title to a children's book huh? Except maybe the cat in that book would be more cooperative than mine was and continues to be.
I had gotten a reminder from the vet that Pete was due for his annual rabies vaccination. This morning I noticed him rubbing his eyes a lot and there was some discharge out of one of them. So I decided to call. To my surprise they hadn't banned us from the vet after last years foray into the world of boarding where Pete was kept in isolation. Instead they actually made an appointment for him to come in today at 4pm. I had thought, after last year, they would have flagged his chart something along these lines. "DO NOT BOOK AN APPOINTMENT FOR THIS CAT. HE IS CRAZY!"

I found the cat carrier in the garage and proceeded to try to shove Pete into it. Apparently he remembers last year and probably thought I was trying to leave him there again. I tried to shove him in frontwards and backwards. I tried bribing him with treats. Nothing worked. Finally I gave a great heave-ho and shoved him in fast and quick. This is where they crying began. All the way to the vet which, thankfully, is only about 5 miles from our house. He was apparently angry.

We get to the vet without incident and he continues to be mad and cry and growl. I am sure that inside he is thinking of ways to get even with me in the night. Probably by banging on the blinds or climbing on my dresser and knocking things off.

We get called back to the room and I explain to the nurse that my cat is pretty much mean to everyone but me. He likes no one but me and will most likely hiss and try to bite anyone who comes close to him. She decides that perhaps they should treat Pete in the treatment room where there are more people and then bring him back to the room for his vaccinations. He left. I am surprised I didn't hear him all the way down the hall.

They bring him back. He is so mad his butt is facing toward me. They didn't get a great look at his eyes and give me some antibiotics to put in twice a day...if I can. This will be like trying to put a sweater on an octopus. I will let all of you know how that turns out.


Heather said...

I always stand my pet carrier on it's end and drop the cat inside...

Emily said...

You should just let Pete have gunky eyes and rabies if it's that much trouble!!