Thursday, November 08, 2007

These I Have Loved

Perhaps a quick explanation of the title before I actually do what I set out to do in this post. In the 9th grade I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Bean as my English teacher. Mrs. Bean was one of those teachers that inspires confidence in kids and had a special knack with teenagers. She encouraged my reading and writing in a way that no other teacher had done before or has done since. I was also blessed to be in her class again Senior year for creative writing which was awesome. She was and still is an inspiration in my life.

Once in a while in her class we would make lists. She would give us a topic and we would then make a list about that topic. The topics ranged widely and I was always amazed at myself with my completed list. One of the topics I remember vividly was the title above. So here is your list. I am sure it will only be a partial.

These I Have Loved
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  4. Pete the Cat
  5. Warm clothes out of the dryer
  6. Mint chocolate chip ice cream (this could be a blog in and of itself)
  7. Missouri and Illinois in the spring
  8. Food to eat and water to drink
  9. New babies
  10. Laughing
  11. Movies
  12. Music that touches my soul
  13. A new kidney and a sister who gave me one of hers.
  14. My niece dogs
  15. My pretend nieces that my friends let me spoil
  16. Encouragement from friends and family
  17. Each one of my Seminary students
  18. The Old Testament
  19. Smiling
  20. Making someones day
  21. A good joke
  22. A job well done
  23. Food not touching
  24. Flowers
  25. Milk
  26. Chocolate
  27. Teachers who had an influence on me (see above)
  28. Living in many different places
  29. Being able to keep in touch with those I love dearly
  30. Night sky with stars
  31. Sweet Dreams
  32. Fireflies
  33. Firefly the TV show (if you haven't checked it out and you love Sci-Fi watch it!)
  34. Star Wars
  35. Star Trek
  36. A good book to read
  37. Crying when I need to
  38. Learning lessons from relationships
  39. My job
  40. My life

Here's a challenge..everyone else do it!

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Mrs. McMitchell said...

I keep telling RCH that she needs to finish watching Firefly! I have mentioned naked Mal several times! Maybe one night when she's up with Tres she will watch it.

Also? I love Mrs. Bean. I miss her. What a great experience senior year was with her in it.