Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time Machine: Sophmore Year

While looking through my yearbooks for things to write on my blog I came across this interesting list of prices from 1990. Ah the memories.

Gas per gallon $1.35+
Movie Ticket $5.00
Video Rental $3.00
CD $18.98
Tapes $11.98
Soda Pop $.50
Candy Bar $.50
Big Mac $1.89
School Lunch $1.00
Girbaud Jeans $65.00
1990 Car $15,000.00

All I can say is Wow.


Mrs. McMitchell said...

Funny how some things have dropped in price drastically while others have skyrocketed. I would never pay $19 for a CD! How many years have we been out of school now? *shudder*

Frau Bailey said...

Interesting. It makes me feel old because I bought gas much cheaper when I was in high school. Very cool.
Love ya!

K2 said...

And we all have to remember that the first gulf war was going on during my soph year so gas was higher because of it.

Mrs. McMitchell said...

I remember back in 1998 gas was something like 68 cents for a while. (I only remember this vividly because I was going to massage therapy school and I was so poor) Can you imagine how sweet that would be now?