Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still Thinking

I have been contemplating if I want to share my first loves etc with the whole wide web. What are your thoughts out there in blog land? To Share or not to share? That IS the question.


Frau Bailey said...

Well, I think that some of your stories are pretty funny. All of your crushes and what not. I guess it depends how to write about them. Just keep in light hearted. I could write my side of the stories! Hehehe!

RCH said...

Ahem, YES! I think everybody should write those stories. They're the coolest. :-)

And you don't have to write them all -- I, for instance, left out the story of the sexy red shirt & the child abuse date (remember that one?) -- just write the ones that significantly impacted you or altered the course of your romantic history for good or bad (or funny).

You can do it! And you need to. :-)

Heather said...

I never heard about the child abuse date. Did that happen in KC??

Kant, you should definitely share. Especially the "no kissing!" story.

Mrs. McMitchell said...

Haha...the child abuse date! I think about that from time to time. :) That and your Sylvia Plath costume. Wasn't that the same guy?

Kant, go for it!

Uno Kidney said...

no kissing is the BEST,. if you don't tell it, I WILL!!