Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Love

Due to recent posts inspired by one my best friends posts I have decided to entertain all of you with my first crushes and loves. So for your enjoyment here they are.

Bachelor #1

I remember in Jr. High I think everyone falls in and out of love as easily as the wind blows. I was no exception but there was one person that was a constant for about 2 years. He was in our same ward and had a cute smile. I would force my mom to drive by his house after church or any time we were out and about. I even gave him a Valentines card. Now that I think about it I think I made my brother take it to the door while I hid in the minivan totally humiliated even though it was my idea in the first place.

During High School I had guys that I liked but I was pretty shy so I only admired from afar. I went on a few dates but I didn't come into my own until we moved to Missouri then I became a HUGE flirt. I think I flirted with everyone in my singles ward. It happened pretty slowly actually. I started with winking and that was as far as I went. Then I was pretty much considered the flirt of the branch. And this is where we come to...

Bachelor #2

I can remember seeing him for the first time at a Christmas cantata practice. I was sitting next to my friend and he and his brother walked in. I said to her.."I'll take the one on the left." He was smart and funny and I could talk about anything to him. Again this was a distant love and not something I ever did anything about. Although in later years we both agreed that we could have been together but I feel like things always go the way they should even if you don't see it at first. I would spend hours at his house just talking or he would be at mine playing video games with my brother and his brothers while I make cookies. My famous chocolate chip cookies are still his favorite and I'm the only one who can make them right. I did teach his wife but I am still the best which is kind of funny. I watched him have several relationships and not a few with girls that I despised. I hoped that when he did get married he would marry someone who was at least bearable. I was glad that he chose the wife he did because we get along and she understands our relationship and isn't threatened by it.

Why did I have this particular crush? He was smart and I could talk about Star Wars and Star Trek and he understood! And the kicker? He wore a leather jacket and what could be more sexy than that? I truly think he was my first love and the first person I actually told that I liked him more than a friend.

Bachelor #3

The next bachelor came in the midst of the angst over #2 and I didn't really like him but there is a GREAT date story involved with him. He was in my parents ward and had recently returned from serving a mission for our church. He asked me out one night at Family Home Evening at the Singles Branch. He had blond hair and a very nice smile. I was in the middle of dialysis and wasn't feeling so great about myself so I was flattered that someone other than my guy friends wanted to hang out with me.

We went to The Olive Garden for dinner and then downtown KC to see Phantom of the Opera which was cool with me. Let me interrupt for a quick second to tell all of you that I hadn't kissed anyone or held hands up to this point. Now that we have that out of the way we can move on with our story. During the middle of the first act he decides to put his arm around me. That was fine.

During intermission is when IT happened. We were idly chatting and he asked me if I could have anything in this world right this minute what would it be? I told him I would like to have my health back because I was facing quite a challenge in my life. So I proceeded to ask him the same question. This was a mistake.

He leans in and for some reason I just knew that he wanted to kiss me. I pulled back, put my hand up and said "No Kissing" I am not kidding. Reflecting back on it I probably wasn't so smooth in my refusal of his advances but oh well. He apologized when he took me home and it would be years before I got the chance to kiss anyone else. I even gave him a not so flattering nickname that had to do with fish lips.

There you have it. I will save my last two for some other time when I feel like I can write it without a lot of angst or what not. Stay tuned!


Heather said...

Fish Face! Fish Face! Fish Face!

That mug gives me the shivers to this very day.


K2 said...

No wait! It was Hot Lips! How could I forget?

jared said...

So, no super-secret crush on me huh?

K2 said...

Did I say I was done? There was always you Dahling!