Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Old Testament and Isaiah

Hello everyone out there in blog land. I am trying to do better and blog more often but sometimes life just gets in the way. There are some choice High School yearbook stuff that I want to reproduce for your enjoyment so I think I will work on those this weekend.

Although, I may be busy for the next three weeks as I am starting to teach Isaiah to the children for the next 3 weeks. Next week we are doing Chapters 1-23. AHH!!

When I knew I was going to teach Seminary again I was nervous because OT isn't exactly my favorite subject and I don't know a lot about it. Church History is my passion and most would say I am obsessed so I knew that the switch from that subject to the OT would be a hard one. I didn't expect it to be this hard. All year I have struggled with the material and with the urge to teach everything that I read. There is so much information and I have had a hard time separating out what needs to be taught and what needs to be left for them to learn in subsequent years and classes.

So here comes Isaiah and my stress level is rising. Until today. I had some downtime when I first got to work so I was eager to get a head start on my studying for the next few weeks. I currently have the OT Institute manual and if you don't have one I highly suggest that you purchase one at your local Distribution center if you are interested in learning more about Isaiah. Another book I would recommend is "Isaiah for Airheads" by John Bytheway.
I am really enjoying reading and thinking about Isaiah and what his message to the children of Israel was then and what his message is for us today.

One of the things that John Bytheway said that really struck me was "We are children of God with the gift of the Holy Ghost. We should never be intimidated by scripture." I really like that because it changed my attitude about studying Isaiah.

If anyone has any advice or insights they have learned as they have studied Isaiah I would be more than willing to listen!


RCH said...

I love that John Bytheway has a book called Isaiah for Airheads (I think I certainly qualify on that front!) and I, too, love that quote you, um, quoted. I'm just getting to the Isaiah bits in my rereading of the BoM and trying not to let my eyes gloss over.... Maybe I'll approach it with a different attitude tonight, though.

I think I would really love having you as a seminary teacher. :-)

K2 said... are too sweet. I am excited to teach Isaiah and maybe I'll post things I learn as I go. That would be cool eh? You are such a great friend and support to me! I love you!

Eliza said...

You can do it!! I'm a nervous nelly because tomorrow Paul and I have to teach the Gospel Doctrine class on the Isaiah chapters to former bishops...I'm feeling WAY underqualified.

Thanks for sharing John Bytheway's quote. I needed to read that. You're the greatest.