Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another visit to Urgent Care

The cough is still hanging on but I feel a bit better this week than I did last weekend especially. Last Saturday I spent 4 hours asleep in bed instead of watching conference. Thankfully, I can read all of the talks online now and will get the new issue of the Ensign soon.

Friday my right ear started to hurt. This is the ear that I have had 11 sets of tubes, one major ear reconstruction (read: new eardrum) and a hole in said ear drum. So when it hurts I don't mess around.

Saturday after work I went to the urgent care at Kaiser. I was only there for and hour and 45 minutes including the pharmacy so it wasn't too bad. I have, guess what, an ear infection. And I'm flying to SLC on Monday. THANKFULLY I got some antibiotics so maybe I will feel better.

Part of my conversation with the dr didn't make me feel any better however.

Dr: When you're in the airplane, your eardrum might explode but its really nothing to worry about. It will heal itself in 1-2 weeks but if that happens be sure to come back and see us.

Definitely I am worried about that. I guess I'll be chewing LOTS of gum.

I get to teach Gospel Doctrine today and for some reason I am nervous. What's up with that?


R Matthew Ware said...

Get some of that bubbalicious stuff so you can have lots of sugary saliva. It might help you swallow more. And give you a fun sugar rush too!

RCH said...

Are you here yet? (And by here I really mean there, since I'm not technically in SLC. Whatever.) I hope you made it all right, all ear drums intact. You're in my prayers! And I can't wait to see you in a few days! Wheeeee! :-)

Emily Anne said...

Stupid doctors. They shouldn't scare you like that. It does look like you are falling apart though. I'm sure you will be awsome teaching Gospel doctrine. You rock.