Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Book Worm Wednesday

This weeks book are actually several books.

The Anne of Green Gable Series by LM Montgomery.

I can remember when I was in 9th grade these books were all the rage and I didn't want to read them just because everyone else was reading them. Sounds stupid now but that was how I felt then. So I didn't read them until about a year later and absolutely LOVED them and I still do. Anne is such a great character and I could really envision her and the adventures she would have. I was so sad when I got to the last book. Montgomery really created characters you could relate to as well as a community.

I still read them every couple of years and I still love them just as much.

If you've already read Anne, then look for other books by the author and you won't be disappointed.


irish said...

I have probably read 8,000 books at least in my life. i am old and i read at least 3 books a week sometimes more so that adds up to a lot of books. i like mysteries best or books like anne of green gables or little house on the prairie. i like tony hillerman, sue grafton, j. a. jance. i heard her speak at the bountiful library this past winter. nevada barr books are good if you like the outdoors. dick francis is great. i don't like those awful books they make you read in high school like heart of darkness, and lord of the flies and tess of the de urbervilles (sp on that last word). no wonder teenagers are weird after reading those so called classics who wouldn't be?

irish said...

by the way does mrs. mcmitchell spending 5 hours on one day at Ikea and 2 1/2 hours another day in the same week qualify her as someone who doesn't like to shop? now i am someone who never goes to the store and went to sleep on a couch waiting for mrs. mcmitchell and her other shopees. maybe she likes to go when others go with her?