Saturday, May 17, 2008

Facebook + Visual Bookshelf+ K2=OBSESSION

So when my brother showed me how cool Facebook was to connect with people he also introduced me to Visual Bookshelf. I LOVE IT! I am sure it is similar to Good Reads but I am really liking documenting the books that I've read and the books I would like to read. I also like seeing what my friends are reading. Its helping to jog my memory as to the books I've already read.

As of right now I've put 135 books on there. But I am no where CLOSE to those who have like 5,000 books on there. Holy cow. I guess I need to go to Borders or Barnes and Noble so I can figure out what I've read. Remember when we did that RCH?


R Matthew Ware said...

I love visual bookshelf. It's fun. Though I'll never be on the leaderboard. 10,000 books? Are some of us exagerating?

K2 said...

No joke. I can't believe it. I could probably come up with quite a few but I would have to think about it really, really hard.