Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seminary Graduation

Tonight was seminary graduation and I had the priviledge of watching 3 of my kids graduated tonight. It was a very nice meeting with some great talks from the graduating seniors and one was one of my students. What he said at the end of his talk summed up perfectly the year.

At the beginning of the year I told them I wanted us to be Zion, to be of one heart and one mind and just to be one. He said even though we were small we were Zion. It made me cry it was so sweet and exactly what I'd hoped they would learn. Then the Stake President had the teachers stand and face the audience and had us look at the parents of our kids. He told us to look for the gratitude that was in their eyes. I cried again. It was so nice to be appreciated for a calling that doesn't always get the thanks that we, as teachers, deserve.

I am glad this year is over but I will sorely miss the three that graduated tonight and I will be forever greatful for my whole class and the lessons they taught me.

Who can I teach but my friends? I truly love all my students and I know we learned from each other.

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