Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy 33rd

Holy cow. I'm 33 today. Its totally crazy to think that I am approaching my mid thirties and yet I still feel so young. I look at other people in their thirties and I don't feel like I am as "grown up" as they are.

Still I am so greatful for all of the experiences I've had in my life. I will be celebrating my 11th year with my kidney transplant, become an auntie to a beautiful baby boy in September and I am trying to accomplish goals in my personal and professional life. I'm even trying Facebook!

Looking toward the future is always inveitable as is looking at the past. As I progress in my life I hope to grow spiritually and personally.

So far I'm doing pretty well.


Heather said...

Wow...you're so...OLD. I can't believe how OLD you are. You'll be reaping those AARP discounts in no time!! :o)

I know what you mean about feeling young. I see people my age that look twice as old as me...which reinforces my belief that wrinkles and frown lines are caused by unruly children and a-hole husbands.

Happy Birthday!!!

mary elizabeth said...

happy birthday!! love you!

Jared said...

Happy Birthday Kainty. I knew there was something special about today that I was forgetting when I looked at the calendar. Hope you don't find too many gray hairs today!

RCH said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! You totally rock and I love you! :-*

My verification word is wheizxx, which sounds like you're wheezing because you're OLD. ;-)

Mrs. McMitchell said...

Happy Birthday! You are my FRIEND until the bitter END! :) I hope you got my card...if not you will get it someday. Hope you have a fabulous one! I love you! *MWAH!*

thepainterfamily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you feel young because you ARE YOUNG! YEAH for birthdays! and yeah for facebook (...you are more hip than I!!) have a great day!

R Matthew Ware said...

Happy birthday.

I met a woman in SLC that had nine or ten kids and was still young at heart. She said, "You don't grow up, you just get tired."