Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thanks to all the Birthday people!

Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes! I really appreciate all of the good vibes that got sent my way yesterday. I can hardly believe how old I am. WOW.

Mom and Dad and I went to Seasons 52 for dinner and I had a very yummy filet mingon. I got a beautiful apron my mom made, a bluetooth headset so I don't kill myself talking to people on my way home and 2 Mr. Potato Heads, Luke Fry Walker and Princess Leia (I can't remember her spud name but I'll post pictures later).

I even got a card from my Seminary kids. They are so sweet.

Love you all!


Frau Bailey said...

I am a terrible sister. I did not even call you yesterday on your B-day! I thought about you and told my students that it was your birthday. I am a jerk...so Happy Birthday!

K2 said...

Sister you are totally NOT a jerk. I know you were thinking of me and I appreciate that so much! You'll have to call me sometime when I am in the car so I can use my new bluetooth. It rocks. LOVE YOU!