Friday, May 23, 2008

A list of random things

I love books. I know this is no secret to most of you because you've known me for quite a while. You should see my room right now because it is about to be overtaken with books. I try not to buy them..but I have this compulsion..this addiction if you will. I have thought about going to the Library and borrowing books but I can't bring myself to do it. Is that weird?

I hate shopping. I am not your typical woman in this one way. I have to be in just the right mood to really, really shop. By shopping I mean wandering around the mall or some other store with no purpose. I like doing that once in a blue moon but mostly I like to go get what I want and get out. The only exception is bookstores, see above for a full explanation.

I love to teach. I find such joy in imparting knowledge to people and watching them learn. It is one of the best things in my life.

I hate manual transmission cars. I don't enjoy driving them and I don't feel like I am one with the car. I just want to drive. Yes, I have learned and I've been taught by quite a few poeple. One of my best teachers was my friend Jared. (Remember that Jared?) He was so calm and understood that it made me nervous to drive those. I can't really articulate why I don't like to drive them myself. I enjoy watching other people drive them..especially guys. Yummy!

That is all.


Mrs. McMitchell said...

You're not alone, I hate shopping too! I go when I need something, and I maybe look around and window shop a little, but I couldn't go just to go shopping and wander around aimlessly all day long. I don't enjoy that.

It also probably doesn't help that my brain no longer works and I forgot what I went shopping for in the first place. I have to make 3 or 4 circles around the store before remembering that I was actually there to get butter.

I also hate manual transmission cars. I just want the car to go. I don't get the need to shift the gears when I can get a car that can do it for me.

Matthew said...

I'm right with you on books. I want to own it. It's a primary reason why I won't ever buy something like's Kindle where you read the book in electronic format. I could read it like that, but I want to own the paper book. I want it on my shelf. Someday I will have my own library.

I'm the same way on shopping. I want to buy, not dream. I try to just browse at book stores, but I usually end up buying at least one thing.

thepainterfamily said...

I love that you buy LOTS of books! I also don't really enjoy shopping! At least, not like I used to. Its no fun with kids, and even without kids....Malls just suck. Too many people, crazy teenagers, or weird salespeople that won't leave you alone. I like to shop on the internet!

Jared said...

That wasn't in the yellow Mustang was it? I just hope I have that same level of patience when my girls start driving. I still remember how frustrated my Dad go when he was trying to teach me to drive manual.

K2 said...

Jared it was the yellow mustang! I know you are going to be very patient. I guess we'll see!

Glad that Tara and Mrs. McMitchell agree with me about shopping!