Thursday, May 22, 2008

Remembering Mrs. McMitchell

Although her birthday has come and gone a few weeks ago I wanted to write a quick post about her, about how we met and how GREAT she is as a friend.

We met in the 8th grade, I believe, but I can't remember the exact details. It seems like she has always been in my life, a comforting presence and always someone to turn to.

In Jr high, because we, probably mostly I, were a little socially awkward, school dances were anything but fun or highly anticipated. Instead we would spend them in the library since we couldn't leave the cold dark dungeon that was school. Poor Mr. Zonzini, the librarian, would probably would have preferred that we go to the dance. Instead we were there, always there but having a great time. We would sit in one of the "private" rooms and talk about boys or how stupid some of our classmates were.

In High School we were nearly insperable along with RCH. I can vividly remember singing "The Lord's Prayer" at her cars funeral. (RIP Rusty) This was at her request at it seemed at the time an entirely appropriate thing to do, to sing for a dead car. A car that had taken us on our many adventures.

Monster Squad. No need to say more.

We also share a love of singing and music. We were in choirs together through Jr and High School and we loved every minute of it. Especially great was being in the show choir, Xela, during our senior year. Performing and practicing was so much fun and Mrs. McMitchell always made it that way.

Alaska Baked Pie.

And now, she is a wonderful wife to a great guy from Scotland. She is the mother to a little boy and a very smart girl. I admire her so much for being a stay at home mom. It takes courage and she has it in spades.

Happy Birthday girlfriend! I love you!


Mrs. McMitchell said...

LOL! That brought back so many memories I haven't thought of in ages...especially hanging out in the library with Mr. Sonzini. Remember when we'd sit under the back table by the wall and psychonanalyze each other? And remember when you ripped your dress right before the Valentine's dance?

*SIGH* SO many good times.

Thanks for the tribute. You are a sweetheart. *MWAH!* LOVE YOU!

K2 said...

I had completely forgotten about ripping my dress. I can imagine that I wasn't very happy. What great times! Sorry that the title to my blog sounds like you're no long with us. Maybe I should change it...Hmm

Love you much too!