Sunday, June 22, 2008

Polling Along

I know I haven't done a new poll in a couple of weeks but you're in luck because there is a new one today! Awesome! The results from the last poll are on the side bar along with a new poll! Good times!


Matthew said...

I voted for the economy, which I think gas prices falls into. Economy good = gas prices okay. To me at least.

Kyle said...

I think it is most important that we don't have a complete derelict in we now do. I would further submit, under the "something else" label, the war in Iraq (which is very different from the war on terror...unless your GWB). It impacts the rest of the areas on your poll in a very negative way (consuming tons of money, oil, and making the US less safe...not to mention claiming tens of thousands of lives...American, Iraqi, and other). There is only one candidate this election that provides viable solutions to the struggles America faces in these areas, and let's just say he does not yet collect social security.