Thursday, July 24, 2008

A vacation to Boise

With the temple being closed and my being off for two weeks it was the perfect time to go up to Boise and throw a baby shower for my sister Liz and my soon to be born nephew, Gram. Margaret also joined us from Kansas City.

Wednesday July 16th

We flew out at 6:30 am and we had to leave home at 4am in order to get to the airport at least and hour and a half before our flight. The flight was uneventful and we landed in Denver excited to see Margaret who was on our same flight from Denver to Boise. We met up with Mar in the Denver airport and she happened to be sitting behind us one row which was great. That flight was also uneventful. We landed in Boise at 10am their time and I got to see my sister again after about a year. We also figured out that all of us girls haven't been together for at least a couple of years. It was great to be all together. We went to lunch and then back to Liz's for a tour since Margaret hadn't seen her new house and Mom and I had only seen it full of boxes. We then met Kyle for dinner at this very interesting place that was very eclectic and very Liz. I loved it. Then Mom, Mar, Liz and I went shopping. We stayed at Kyles Dad's house and we were so greatful to have someplace to rest our heads.

Thursday July 17
Liz went to work and we went over to Liz's house with Margaret and did some showing of what we brought for presents for the shower. About noon we drove to Twin Falls to go to the new Twin Falls Temple open house. It is a beautiful temple and I am so glad I got the chance to go and see it. When we were there in November for Thanksgiving the outside was pretty much done, except for the white stone work so it was nice to see the rest. Then we went to the mall and my sweet sisters helped me to find some new clothes. Mom also bought some new things and we found a few cute maternity shirts for Liz. I spent WAY too much money but really enjoyed myself. It is always nice to have my 2 fashion consultants along to help me pick things out. We ate dinner and arrived back in Boise late, late, late but had to get up early the next day to get ready for the baby shower.

Friday July 18th
Margaret rode with Liz to work and then Mom and I picked her up for some major shopping. First we went to Target to get some necessary supplies to bake a diaper cake. I also had to buy a few more things for Gram for the shower and so did mom and mar. Then we went to Costco to get some of the bigger items we needed for the shower and then to Winco which was CRAZY! We went back to Liz's house and wrapped presents and just chatted until Liz came back from work. We went out to dinner with Kyle and then Mom and I went to work on "baking" the diaper cake. We were up too late but it was worth it the next day.

Saturday July 19th (Shower Day)
Today was the day of the shower so we were up early to get things ready. Margaret, Kyle and Liz went to downtown Boise for the farmer's market that occurs every Saturday morning and go to breakfast. Mom and I were supposed to join them but I had gotten a really weird sore on the top of my 2nd toe that wouldn't go away so we spent the morning at Urgent Care. Thankfully, its not MRSA or something gross like flesh eating bacteria and seems to be responding well to the antibiotics. I hope I never have something like this again because it was so painful.
We met up back at Liz's, loaded the car and headed over to Kyle's sister's house, Melissa, for the shower. We set up the chocolate fountain and got everything ready for the guests to arrive. When they did we played games, ate and opened presents. It was a wonderful shower and Liz got some really, really cute stuff. I think her favorite was the tiny Star Wars T-shirt I found with Yoda on it for Gram when he is older and wearing 3T's. I had fun meeting some of her former co-workers, people from the ward and also some of Kyle's family. A great time was had by all. That afternoon we all retired and napped but joined up later for a yummy meal at an Italian restaurant.

Sunday July 20
Thanks to the new antibiotics, I was feel very queasy so I didn't attend church with everyone but they came to Clark and Peggy's afterwards and we ate dinner (hamburgers yum! Thanks Kyle!) and played games. We just hung out and I think that is just what we needed after our 3 days of constant running and running.

Monday July 21
We left on Monday and mom and I were sad to say good-bye to Liz and Margaret but mom will see them before I will.

Mom and I had a great trip and really enjoyed ourselves. I want to go back and see Gram when he is older but I don't know when that will be. It was a wonderful trip!


thepainterfamily said...

What an awesome time! Did someone take pictures of your diaper cake creation? I love those things! Also love the mention of WinCo...miss that store! :)

Frau Bailey said...

I guess I do not need to blog about the pretty much gave everyone the blow by blow. I guess I will add pictures! You are too cute! Thanks for documenting it! Love you!